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Certificat SSL Sectigo Instant SSL Premium (OV)

Certificat SSL Sectigo Instant SSL Premium (OV)



Certificat SSL Sectigo Instant SSL Premium (OV)

Boost the trust of your site with this top-of-the-line Organization Validated (OV) certificate

The Sectigo InstantSSL Premium is an Organization Validated (OV) certificates that offers tremendous value to company websites. This certificate features an unbelievable combination of encryption and trust; so, not only will your website be safe to do business with, your customers will know that your website is safe to do business with.That’s because the Sectigo Premium SSL will activate https and the padlock icon in your URL bar, along with including the reputable Sectigo Site Seal on your site – which users can click to see real-time company information. Best of all, this is all protected by a $250,000 warranty.No matter what type of website you operate, this certificate is sure to provide a boost to your business.
About Sectigo Premium SSL Certificate
Validation Type: Basic Business (OV)
Issuance: 1 Week
Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: $250,000
Site Seal: Dynamic
Server Licensing: Unlimited

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