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Certificat SSL Sectigo Instant SSL (OV)

Certificat SSL Sectigo Instant SSL (OV)

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Certificat SSL Sectigo Instant SSL (OV)

Secure organization validated encryption from a trusted name

The Sectigo InstantSSL is one of the most affordable Organization Validated (OV) certificates on the market. This certificate will not only encrypt information sent from browsers to your server, but will also increase the trust visitors have in your website. One way is through the dynamic Sectigo Secure Seal – which will display your authenticated business information when a visitor hovers the mouse over it.One of the more basic OV certificates, this security product is ideal for light eCommerce sites interested in boosting their trust quickly and affordably.
About Sectigo InstantSSL Certificate
Validation Type: Basic Business (OV)
Issuance: 1 Week
Reissue: Unlimited
Warranty: 10,000$
Site Seal: Dynamic
Server Licensing: Unlimited

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