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Certificat SSL Comodo EV SGC SSL Certificate

Certificat SSL Comodo EV SGC SSL Certificate


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Guard sensitive customer information, financial transactions and transmit confidential data with identity assured Extended Validation (EV) SGC SSL Certificates. These certificates provide 128- or 256-bit encryption to over 99% of Web site visitors by offering the strongest encryption and identity assurance available to every site visitor – even the millions using older versions of Windows and IE. Over 1/3 of your site’s visitors use a browser made for EV SSL, including IE 7, Firefox 3, Opera 9.5. Their browsers tell them that you are trustworthy through the presence of a green bar near the address. With one out of three people relying on the green bar to appear in their browser, what would you rather show them about how trustworthy an emerchant you are? The green address bar builds trust and makes a difference between purchasing and abandonment during checkout. People are expecting their browsers to tell them if it’s safe to do business with you, and an EV SSL certificate tells them loud and clear. To enable all your visitors to fully trust you an EV SSL certificate is now required for over 1/3 of your visitors and growing.

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